Home Organization Hacks You Need to Try Today

Start with a good purge.
Shed expired and unused items as well as bulky packaging. Leave everyday essentials — hand soap, toothbrushes — on the counter. Outfit cabinets with handy holders, such as a back-of-the-door rack.

Try a lazy Susan.
Instead of storing cleaning products, extra shampoos and creams by lining them up (this creates unsightly clutter!) try adding a lazy Susan to your bathroom closet. Just rotate it around whenever you need to get to something specific, without crashing over every other product in sight.

Make your shower rod do double duty.
Let your towels and delicates dry — without being on display. Install an inexpensive combination shower-curtain rod and towel bar, and items can drip-dry into your tub. (We mounted ours backward, so the towels hang behind the curtain.)


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