Hamas-Israel Reach Ceasefire After an Intense 3 Day Flareup

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas and Israeli regime have reportedly reached a ceasefire after an intense three days of fighting that left 25 Palestinians and four Israelis dead.

The latest round of violence began Friday. According to the Washington Post Israeli forces shot dead two Palestinian protesters taking part in the great march of return which have been taking place every Friday for the past 13 months. Palestinians then reportedly shot and wounded two Israeli soldiers near the border. Israel then carried out an airstrike on the refugee camp killing two Palestinians.

Palestinians taking part in the Great March of Return Protests near Gaza-Israel border
Palestinians taking part in the Great March of Return Protests near Gaza-Israel border.

The heaviest combat took place Saturday and Sunday as resistance factions in Gaza fired about 700 rockets into Israel while Israel launched indiscriminate strikes on the besieged Gaza strip.

The PLO (Palestinian Authority) said the dead in Gaza included a 12-year-old boy and a 14-month-old girl and her pregnant mother. Another pregnant woman was killed by the Sunday evening.

They were struck by a missile shot from a drone an Israeli bombardment of a missile shot from a drone struck them. Said the father of the baby girl.

The Israeli regime has imposed a strict land and sea blockade on the Gaza stripe since 2007. The siege has crippled the living standards of the 2 million residents living in a 360 Km square sliver of land.


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