Are you looking forward to sharing your thoughts and ideas with Chlorine readers? If yes, awesome! Chlorine is a place where people share inspiration, creativity, motivation, and above all, their love!

What’s next? Continue reading down this page as we have answered every question you might have in your mind as a new site author.

1. Content guidelines

Please make sure you understand these guidelines fully as they determine the type of content we share on Chlorine.

1. Give definitive solutions

At Chlorine, we focus on providing solutions to the problems people face in everyday life. Pick a burning problem as your topic and give your definitive solutions.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing a topic:

  1. Does this topic actually need further discussion?
  2. Do I have different and or better solutions to the problem?

2. Topic not unique? Still No problem

Even if you are writing about an idea that has been discussed a thousand times on the web, you can still write about the same idea in a hundred unique ways. It’s about how different and appealing you express your thoughts on.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do I need to write about something that has been discussed a hundred times already?
  2. Can I present my solutions in a unique way that is more appealing to people and easy to follow?
  3. Can I add more valuable information to the topic and make it more complete?

3. Good English, flawless grammar

Despite having a great idea and awesome solutions at hand, a weak command of the language, bad grammar practices, and cluttered paragraphs and sentences have the potential to ruin your presentation.

Please verify these key points:

  1. I definitely have a strong command of the language.
  2. I have been writing for a good number of years.

2. Single post guidelines:

Now that you are familiarized with our generalized content guidelines, let’s go through these brief guidelines on how to start and finish an individual article.

  1. Write an appealing introductory paragraph.
  2. Briefly discuss what solutions are you going to talk about.
  3. Give your solutions. Make sure each solution comes with its own heading and introduction.
  4. Use bullets where needed to add more information.
  5. Optionally, spice up your post by occasionally adding ”Did you know?” signboards.

And that’s it! Following these simple but important guidelines make you a great Chlorine author. We would love to read about your great ideas. Blessings!