Easiest Way to Grow Avocados at Home, Step-by-step Instructions

Who doesn’t love avocados? Unlike any other fruit – yes, avocados are fruits, these things have an incredibly distinct, creamy texture and brilliant flavor that make for a ridiculously perfect dip. On top of that, avocados are a noted superfood with a number of fantastic health benefits.

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Well guys, before we tell you the easiest way to grow avocados from seeds at home, let’s talk a little about the amazing chemistry of this God-sent superfood.

Inside this little fruit is a wealth of health benefits. It’s high in fiber, has double the potassium content of one of these, it’s loaded with vitamin B12 and vitamin E, and has high concentrations of monounsaturated fatty acids. It contains valuable cancer battling antioxidants, and has fats that help us absorb more nutrients from other foods.

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On top of the benefits inside, the thick skin on the outside protects the healthy flesh inside from any residual pesticides making avocados one of the safest fruits to eat. Another big plus is that inside that flesh are 11 different carotenoids, which are special chemicals known as phytonutrients. These things help fight against certain kinds of cancer and heart disease. The highest concentration of these compounds can be found right here in the dark green portion just beneath the skin. That’s enough talking about the benefits, now let’s see how can you grow avocados from seeds at home.

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