Get Rid Of Acne Spots With These 7 Home Remedies

Acne and acne spots can be a pain – they can significantly lower your self-esteem and make you question how you look. But you no longer have to worry as we have the perfect solutions to get rid of acne spots. Keep reading to find:

At-home treatment

If you plan to treat and remove acne scars, seeing a dermatologist is the first step! S/he will examine your skin type and then prescribe the best treatment. Visiting a doctor is also essential to confirm that the spots are acne scars and not some other condition.

Additionally, if you are looking for a solution to get rid of acne and not acne spots, please read this post instead by clicking here.

Alpha hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are known for preventing clogged pores and dead skins. They’re mostly found in acne-treating products. Moreover, AHAs help in making scars less visible.
The mild acid treats rough skin and discoloration by exfoliating the skin’s outer layer.

Lactic acid

This one doesn’t involve the gym at all, don’t worry! A research in 2010 concluded that those who used lactic acid, once every week for three months saw a significant change in the condition of their acne scars – they considerably lightened

There are several serums, peels, and ointments that contain lactic acid. But, instead of opting for expensive liquids, diluted apple cider vinegar can also be used for spot treatment and as a toner. Thankfully it has natural lactic acid.


Another acne treatment is topical retinoids, which also smoothens the scars. As per a recent review, retinoids not only make your skin’s texture better and increase cell regeneration, but it also makes scars less visible and treats discoloration.

However, your skin may get sun-sensitive after using it. Always make sure you’re applying sunscreen daily whenever you’re using items that contain retinoids.

Salicylic acid

You might have already used salicylic acid to heal your acne. These days, this acid is found in almost all the products – spot treatments, lotions, face cleansers, etc.

When applied, salicylic acid helps reduce swelling, redness, clears pores, and exfoliates the skin. Today, this treatment is considered as one of the best to treat acne scars.

Products with salicylic acid can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine. After using salicylic acid, the results are expected after a few weeks. If you’ve sensitive skin, it may make your skin irritated to may lead it to become dry. It’s advisable to patch test before using it religiously.

In-office procedures

You may have to consult a skin specialist for proper medication/treatment if at-home treatments aren’t showing results.


Dermabrasion is considered as one of the most popular and effective remedies for facial scars. Though the principle is the same as microdermabrasion kits – which can be done at home – wheels or wire brushes are used by specialists to more thoroughly exfoliate the upper-most layer of the skin.

Chemical peels

To reduce the deeper scars from the top layer, a chemical peel, which is a strong acid, is used. Some chemical peels can be applied and used at home as they’re mild. However, your doctor can also provide the ones with stronger solutions and dramatic results. Hence, unfortunately, you cannot relax or binge-watch your favorite show while it is applied.

Laser resurfacing

Here, just like dermabrasion and a chemical peel, the uppermost layer is removed. Compared to other resurfacing treatments, this type of therapy has a slower healing time.

However, the specific area has to be covered with a bandage until it completely heals. Other points to keep in mind are that this treatment isn’t beneficial for people with darker skin tones, and people who are experiencing breakouts should avoid it.

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