German Lentil Stew With Wieners: It Tastes Just Like Grandma’s

Whether it’s new year ev or any normal winter evening, a dish of lentils belongs on the table. But even without superstition, a lentil stew not only tastes good but it is also easy to prepare.

Because lentils resemble small coins, they are said to bring in wealth.  A dish of lentils is traditionally served on New Year’s Eve especially in Italy and the USA. Irrespective of the different believes, lentil stew is a health-promoting dish that is great for both winter and summer.

If you ‘ve really whetted your appetite for lentil stew, you can easily cook the dish this simplified yet mouth-watering recipe.

German Lentil Stew With Wieners It Tastes Just Like Grandma recipe

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black lentil stew recipe 1

The lentil stew recipe is flexible for amendments. You can add other different ingredients as per your liking. Additionally, as we mentioned above, you can add more than one kind of lentils to the mix.


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