Genius Renovation Ideas: House Looks Like it's From Instagram

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we spend more time at home than we did previously. Many of us even have set up an office somewhere in the house to work remotely. 

It is natural that as we spend more and more time dwelling inside, we get bored with that old wallpaper, ancient-looking bedspreads, and even that lamp starts looking boring. But these are not the only reasons we may want to do a quick renovation. 

While we have all the time in the world due to lockdowns, our budget may not allow us a full-scale house renovation. However, as it says ”where there is a will, there is a way”, we can still do an outstanding makeover without putting a strain on our pockets. In this Chlorine listicle, we are going to talk about some genius ideas to make your house look as if it was from Instagram.

#3 A Good Bed Runner Will Make the Bed Look Expensive

amazing bed runner for double bed

A bed usually takes up quite a lot of space. If it doesn't look good enough, it can easily destroy the entire beauty of the room. 

And talking about the bed, no matter how expensive it may be, without a nice bed runner, it will still look boring. This awesome bed runner is sure to constantly cheer you up. It is also highly noticed by every guest who comes by to watch Netflix together.

#4 Wall Art Costs Less Does Way More

wall art set

Good art not only reflects a peaceful atmosphere of the interior but also the personality of the householder. While frames like these display an entirely new world to the onlooker, they don't occupy any space.

Fancy ones will add a bit of extravagance to space, and the minimalistic ones will be subtle. From the living room to the bathroom, and kitchen to the bedroom, you can't go wrong with the wall art.

#5 A Good-looking Carpet Adds Color, Dimension, and Warmth

home renovation carpet

Yes, we know carpets often are not associated with renovation. But a small and stylish carpet in the living room and bathroom can change the space by 180 degrees. 

And we are neither talking about carpeting the entire room, nor about investing sums of money on a Persian carpet. Just place on a good-looking rug at the center of your living room or beside your bed in the bedroom, and you are all done. 

A carpet adds a bit of color, dimension, and warmth to your room. This is one of those accessories that are often really small and make a huge difference.


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