Feeling Down? 11 Things to Immediately Put You in Good Mood

You surely know the phenomenon. Latent dissatisfaction spreads and you have no idea why. Or you know exactly why, but you definitely cannot change the situation (for example because a pandemic is paralyzing the world). Your own life suddenly seems to have stopped.

Do you need a little inspiration and a little happiness kick right now? Here are eleven things that will instantly lift your mood:

Loud Music: Loud music and a little dance are sure to bring you back to energy.

Write Down Some Plans: Finally, we can make plans based on needs. Because now we know even better than usual what we are missing in our lives and what we will definitely need more of in 2021. Write down plans for 2021/22 and keep a power list.

Move & Jump:  A walk, a few yoga exercises, a few jumping jacks get your circulation going and your mood.

A Bath Cocktail: Take a shower or a bath. Let the water get very warm first, then take a quick shower with cold water. First the right, then the left leg. If you dare, also your right and then your left arm. Or take a dip in the bathtub. Mood baths with essential oils such as lemon or orange have a mood-enhancing effect.

Get a spiritual Shot: The Jammerfasten Challenge by Peter Beer, motivational author and founder of the Mindfulness Academy, is currently running again. 16 days not to complain or blaspheme – changes our mindset permanently!

Conscious Breathing: Start paying attention to your breathing. Slow, deep, even breathing immediately increases the blood circulation in your body and makes you fit and happy.

Help Someone: Give someone an honest compliment and enjoy their reaction. Karma will stimulate joy.

Walk into Yourself: Take a short break. 15 minutes of observing your thoughts without delving too deep into them. just perceive it and then let it go again.

Try Some Fake Smiles: Pull the corners of your mouth up. Your mood will follow. We recall the popular instructional by motivational speaker Vera F. Birkenbihl, in which she explains the effect of smiles on our mood.

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Take a Nap: A quick power nap can also give you a fresh start for a failed day. Make sure, however, that it does not last longer than 20-30 minutes.

Nature Always Rescues: Studies have shown that nature experiences make us more social and tolerant and increase our tolerance for frustration. If mountains or sea are not on the doorstep, we dive into the green of the trees.

Forest bathing has a positive effect on our psyche and can bring our stress hormones back to a lower level. It’s also fun to look at the forest from a different perspective, for example with Peter Wohlleben’s film “The Secret Life of Trees”, in which he tells stories about tree friendships and forest inhabitants.

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