Dog Tries Stealing Same Toy 5 Times, Reward is Heartwarming

This pooch came to the store five times to steal a mascot – a purple unicorn. Ultimately, however, it stole the hearts of the volunteers from the shelter and people all over the world. Meet Sisu – the most famous and sweetest dog thief.

The Pooch Did Five Attempts

The dog, later named Sisu, tried five times to steal the same purple unicorn from a Dollar General store in Kenansville, North Carolina. The innocent ”thief” was a homeless pooch who undoubtedly chose this mascot.

heartwarming dog story
Image © Duplin County Animal Services.

After four consecutive failed attempts, the dog didn’t give up on the stuffed toy. When Sisu came for the fifth time and insisted on grabbing the toy, the store manager decided to call Duplin County Animal Services.

An officer from the Duplin County Animal Control came to take away the dog. The officer, however, couldn’t take away Sisu empty-handed. He instead bought the purple unicorn and gave it as a gift.

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The Unicorn Brought Luck

Sisu and the unicorn ended up in the animal shelter. The department later shared photos of Sisu cuddling his toy on social media.

duplin county animal control
Image © Duplin County Animal Services.

Considering Sisu’s amazing love for the unicorn, the department offered a two-pack-only adoption. As the story went viral on social media, people called it heartwarming and called the unicorn a symbol of good luck and happiness. Whether you believe it or not, this toy has definitely brought Sisu good fortune.

The very next day there was a person who offered the pooch (and unicorn!) a new home.

lucky dog finds shelter
Image © Duplin County Animal Services.

However, before Sisu goes to his handler, he will undergo training to help him feel more comfortable around other dogs. The shelter will also prepare him for living at home.


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