Dog Bike Basket: How to Pick The Best, Teach The Dog Ride?

Taking about a dog bike basket, the maximum weight and size of the pooch that you can transport depend upon the type of basket you choose. These baskets usually accommodate small and miniature dogs, weighing up to 10 kg.

Pooches in this weight range include Maltese, Pomeranian, Yorkie, Dachshund, and Pug. Not only will larger quadrupeds not fit into the basket – carrying them in front of the bike would be simply dangerous.

Therefore, if we want to take a larger pet for a ride, which cannot run alongside a bike, we should consider buying a bicycle trailer attached to the rear wheel of the vehicle.

Dog Bike Basket: What to Look For?

Equipment for transporting a pet cannot be exclusively elegant. It must also provide the pooch with safety and comfort during the trip. Here are some tips for choosing the best dog bike basket.

Security for The Pooch

For the basket to be really safe, it must be attached to the bike in a stable way. It cannot sway side to side, twist, or detach too easily. It must also be deep enough that the pooch sitting in it does not fall out over its edge. The basket should prevent the quadruped from jumping out of it on its own – have a closed mesh cover or a special strap to attach to the harness.

When buying, pay attention to the permissible load of the basket, because some of these devices are intended only for really small dogs and under the weight of a larger animal, they may tear or twist.

Convenience For You

Not every pooch will feel good sitting on crackling wicker or on a wire rack. Too large meshes in the net can cause your dog’s feet to fall out through the bottom of the basket. On the other hand, too small ones can painfully stick into the cushions or catch on the claws.

Therefore, it is best to choose a basket that has a stiff, fabric bottom or the possibility of placing a comfortable pillow in it.

Rain protection For The Pooch

Some baskets are equipped with canopies that protect the pooch from rain, sun, or strong wind. If you like the risk and you happen to go on a bike trip despite unfavorable weather, be sure to protect your pet!

Multitasking For You

Some baskets available on the market can serve more than just one purpose. You can use them to transport the dog in a car, as a carrier, or even a dog bed. Some of them also have pockets in which to hide dog treats, a water bottle, a leash, or a wallet.

How to Teach a Dog to Ride in a Basket?

Locking an unaccustomed dog in a basket and taking it immediately on a hike on a bumpy road is a simple recipe for basket trauma! In order for the dog to enjoy riding in a bicycle basket, we must first get him used to sit in it calmly. Only then to the ride itself.

  1. It is best to start by teaching how to jump into the basket on command, for example by tossing in some flavors there and saying “hop” while the pooch is getting ready to jump.
  2. The quadruped sitting in the basket can be served delicacies or teethers so that he can nicely associate being in it.
  3. Then get your pooch used to carrying it in the basket and closing the lid or attaching the safety strap to the harness.
  4. If the pet does not panic and feels good in a closed basket, you can attach the carrier to the bike and lead the vehicle a few meters.
  5. For the first rides, it is worth choosing short routes on even ground and planning frequent stops. Over time, when your pet feels really safe, you will be able to make longer and longer trips.

So, what do you think what important features should a dog bike basket have? Did you buy one already? And, how easily did your pooch get used to with it?


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