Do You Have a Spot/Spots On Your Iris? This is What it Means

Dr. Bernard Jensen created the following chart that can help determine the source of a problem based on a spot’s location.

For example, based on this chart, the psora spot in our featured image is an indicator of toxins in the bladder.

The good news is that with time, medical supervision and appropriate detox measures, spots on the iris will decrease in size and prevalence until they disappear completely, signifying that the affected body part has been detoxed.

Supplements like acidophilus can help your body more quickly flush out toxins and harmful bacteria.

Don’t forget to see your doctor!
It doesn’t hurt to take a look at your psora spot and try to map it on your own using Dr. Jensen’s chart.

But as with any medical condition, you really should see a doctor before trying to solve any potential issue on your own.


An expert will be able to rule out any other condition such as eye melanoma – something you and I could easily mistake for simple psoric spotting.


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