DIY Orbeez Stress Ball Tutorial | Make Your Own Anti-stress Ball in 5 Steps

It’s not uncommon to have a hard day, a stressful evening or a restless night. From home to school to work, there can be plenty of things that may give you a bad mood. And let’s be honest, in today’s chaotic world of ours, we all suffer from some sort and level of stress every day.

While there can be many ways to manage everyday stress, a simple squishy orbeez stress ball can help with a great deal of stress relief. In this tutorial we will learn how to make your own DIY orbeez stress ball in 5 simple steps. But before that, let’s see what orbeez actually are and if a stress ball can actually help with stress management.

diy stress ball how to make stress ball

What are the orbeez anyway?

Also known as water jellies, water beads, and sometimes water gems, orbeez are what is scientifically termed as S.A.P (Super absorbent polymers). As the name suggests, they are polymers that can absorb huge amounts of liquids, basically water. After a full absorption, orbeez grow a massive 100 times the original size and turn squishy.

Do stress balls really work?

The short answer is yes. While something as simple as squeezing a soft squishy ball may not help with increased levels of tension, it can help overcome everyday stress and mental fatigue almost magically.

And here is the science behind:

  • Works as a distraction device: It distracts your mind and keeps the stress-inducing thoughts at bay.
  • Gives you a sense of satisfaction: When you do something good for yourself or even for someone else, your mind automatically rewards you with happiness. It does this by releasing happiness hormones. The simple thinking that by squeezing a stress ball you actually improve your health induces happiness. And happiness is the king stress slayer.
  • It’s actually a mini-workout: Squeezing and releasing a soft ball may not make you sweat buckets but it really is a workout. The simple exercise engages all the muscles in the hand and forearm. This relaxes the nerves, relieves stress and gives you mental clarity.

Enough reasons to keep one right? Let’s make our own orbeez stress ball then.

Make your own DIY orbeez stress ball

Making an orbeez stress ball is really simple. Just follow these easy steps and you are done.

You need:

  • Orbeez (I ordered mine from ExParis. You can also grab yours from a toy store or stationary.)
  • A large bowl
  • Empty plastic bottle. (small-medium size)
  • Water
  • Clear balloon.
  • Funnel (optional)

How to make?

1. Take the bowl and pour a generous amount of orbeez. Fill it with water and let it sit overnight.

2. Take the water bottle and using the funnel, fill it with your squishy orbeez.

3. Stretch the balloons’ opening over the top of the bottle.

diy obreez stress ball

4. Turn the bottle upside-down and pour orbeez into the balloon.

5. Squeeze out any retained air and tie it off. Your orbeez anti-stress ball is ready to take away some of the stress.

diy stress ball instructions



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