Coconut Rose Body Scrub For a Smooth Silky Skin


Coconut oil – 1 cup

Granulated Sugar – 2 cups

Cane sugar(dry to normal skin)
White sugar(oily to normal skin)

Rose petals – 1 cup (You may use dried or fresh)

Rose oil (optional) few drops.


I’m using dried rose petals. Take the rose petals in a blender or food processor and crush them.

Rose and coconut scrub
Now take sugar and coconut oil in a bowl. Don’t melt the coconut oil.
Now add the crushed rose petals to the bowl.

Rose and coconut scrub
Now give these a good mix. Add rose oil if you are using.

Store the scrub in a jar. Our coconut rose body scrub is ready to use. You can decorate the jar if you love cute packaging.


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