Cinnamon Weight Loss Tea

Include honey and cinnamon tea in your diet to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and detoxify your body. All of these effects support weight loss.

honey and cinnamon for weight loss

Organic honey is a highly nutritious product that contains vitamins and minerals. It is an energy booster and has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used to treat respiratory illnesses and for wound healing.

Honey fights obesity by promoting fat metabolism. In a study published in 2017, rats that were fed with honey for four weeks had a significant reduction in excess weight gain in comparison to rats that were on a high-fat diet.

Cinnamon helps you avoid overeating by fighting insulin resistance and also reduces oxidative stress associated with metabolic syndrome. Sri Lankan or Ceylon cinnamon is the true cinnamon that is well tolerated and safe when used in therapeutic doses. It is traditionally used for a number of ailments including dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, bronchitis, stomach cramps, toothache etc. Cinnamaldehyde and gallic acid are some of the major active constituents.

The traditional use of cinnamon for the weight loss has recently been established in a study published in 2017. The findings of this study conclude that cinnamon may be used as a dietary supplement for the management of obesity .

Pour a cup of hot water over a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder (you can also use cinnamon sticks). Let it steep for half an hour.
Mix in one teaspoon of organic honey.
Drink half of it in the morning on an empty stomach, about half an hour before breakfast. Store the rest in the refrigerator and drink it at night before going to bed.


Along with these remedies, make sure you drink half of your body weight in ounces of water to flush toxins out of your body. For example, if you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink 50 ounces of water per day.
Studies have found that plant-based foods can help fight obesity because they contain phytochemicals that prevent oxidative stress, which contributes to obesity. Opt for more plant-based foods rather than processed, fast foods. Plus, include grapes, peaches, figs, carrots, and blueberries in your diet.
Another very important yet ignored tip to fight obesity is to have a proper breakfast. Research shows that those who have a big breakfast are more likely to lose weight and even a few inches off their waistline compared with those who eat a large dinner. Your breakfast should be protein and fiber-rich, rather than high in carbohydrates. It is also important to relax, exercise regularly along with mindful eating to achieve a desirable healthy weight.


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