Breast surgery: Model has 2.6 kilos of tissue removed

She suffered from the bust size

A British model had to pay for a breast reduction herself. Although she had been in great pain for years, the health insurance would not pay.

A 24-year-old British woman had been suffering from excruciating pain for years. Bras that were too tight cut into the skin on her shoulders and breasts. The reason: an overwhelming bust size with cup size 34-KK. Despite the health problems, the National Health Service (NHS), the British national health insurance company, did not want to pay for the costs of an operation for Kaeleen Stammers.

The reason for the rejection is said to have been the overweight of the model. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the model from London has now undergone a three-hour operation by private doctors. The specialists removed around 2.6 kilograms of tissue. Instead of 34KK, Kaeleen Stammers now has a cup size of 34F.


“Having big breasts was a daily struggle, there was never a moment of relief,” she told the Daily Mail. She had to sleep with two sports bras to be reasonably comfortable. But she always found the weight of her breasts overwhelming.

The cost of the private operation is said to have amounted to around 9,000 euros . “It was only afterwards that I realized that I could breathe properly and really expand my lungs for the first time,” said Stammer.

You feel like you have a whole new life. She can finally pursue her hopes, dreams and desires without questioning everyday things. For those affected, she now gives tips via social media: “Don’t wait too long. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”


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