Bond Girl Tanya Roberts Dies at 65 Due to Head Injury

bond gir tanya roberts dies at 65

Actress Tanya Roberts, known for her leading role in one of the Bond films, died due to a head injury. Earlier, the artist’s husband referred to an unknown illness that killed his wife.

On January 3, Roberts’ husband Lance O’Brien reported that the actress died in the hospital. Subsequently, it turned out that the ” James Bond girl ” was still alive, but in serious condition.

O’Brien tried to make up for his wrong announcement citing a lack of proper communication with the hospital staff.

On the night of January 5, however, doctors told O’Brien that the actress had passed away. She was 65 years old.

Media reported that Tanya Roberts was hospitalized at the end of December. She allegedly suddenly lost consciousness while walking the dogs. O’Brien reportedly said that doctors could not diagnose the real cause of her death. He insisted the actress died due to an unknown illness that caused her liver and kidney failure.

Later, it was reported that Tanya Roberts died due to a head injury. The actress felt unwell on Christmas Eve. She fainted in the yard of her home and was hospitalized in a clinic in Los Angeles.

At the same time, inaccurate information about her death initially came from the artist’s manager, who believed that she was dead when Roberts, after talking with him in the hospital ward, suddenly closed her eyes.


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