5 Best fat-burning exercises That Will Help You Shed Pounds Fast!

These Best fat-burning exercises will help your muscles to show by reducing the layer of fat above them. The fitness experts Anne and Daniel will show you how to train at home without any equipment.

The most important things at a glance

  • 1. Burpees
  • 2. Lunches
  • 3. Mountain Climbers
  • 4. Get-ups
  • 5. Ninja Tuck Jumps

Do you do a lot of crunches, but you still can’t see your six-pack? Do you lift weights every day, but the first visible successes are not there? No wonder, because in order for muscles to be visible, the overlying layer of fat must first be burned. The fitness experts Anne and Daniel show you the five best fat-burning exercises for this in the video .

In order to burn fat and ultimately lose weight, it is important not just to use one muscle group, but the whole body.

1. Burpees

The burpee begins with a jump into the push-up. Then do the push-up and immediately go back into the upright stretch jump. Then go back into the push-up and then into the stretch jump again. Repeat this sequence several times. This exercise may look familiar to you from military movies. There’s a reason for that: she’s really sweaty.

Illustration of how to do burpees: 5-step sequence of exercises


2. Lunges

The jump lunge stimulates the largest muscle in the body: the gluteus maximus , better known as the gluteus maximus. Through this stimulus and through the erratic force that is required, you burn fat effectively. To do this, alternate legs: right lunge, jump, left lunge, jump and front. Important: Your back knee must touch the ground so that the exercise really hits your butt.

Fitness instructor demonstrating proper form for forward lunges with weights


3. Mountain Climbers

For this exercise, you first go into the plank – the classic position for push-ups. Then alternately pull your knees toward your chest at a rapid pace—as if you were climbing a mountain. Hence the name of the exercise, which translated means “climber”.

Fitness instructor demonstrating proper form of doing mountain climbers exercise.


4. Get-ups

The next exercise sounds easier at first than it actually is: During the get-ups, you roll forward over your back, take as much momentum as possible with you and then stand up without the help of your hands. A squat jump follows, after which you roll backwards over your back again.

Fitness instructor demonstrating proper form of doing get-up exercise.

5. Ninja Tuck Jumps

The supreme discipline in fat burning is probably the ninja tuck jumps. Translated, the exercise means something like “ninja tuck jumps”. Get on your knees and jump to your feet from this position. Once you have done that, there is another crouch jump – the higher, the better.

Fitness instructors demonstrating proper form of doing Truck Jumps.


The training plan

It is best to repeat each of our Best fat-burning exercises 10 to 15 times. Then either take a 30 to 50 second break after each rotation or work a different muscle group in between. Ideally, repeat the entire workout three times.

Anne and Daniel regularly post videos on YouTube on their “Bodykiss” channel . There are more HiiT workouts and nutrition tips here.

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