Best DIY Skin Cream, Non-Toxic Bee Wax Facial Cream

This homemade skin cream is totally non-toxic and holds anti bacterial properties. It’s so simple and quick to make at home. Note that this cream is not only a very useful skin product, but can also be used as a furniture polish.


Bees Wax : One Part

Olive Oil: 4 Parts

Cooking pot


Take a small cooking pot. Add one part of bees wax in four parts of olive oil (coconut oil will also work). Give a very slow heating and continuously stir until you get a homogeneous mixture. Once this is done, pour the mixture into a jar. As the mixture cools down, you will see the wax settling at the bottom of the jar. While the mixture is cooling, keeps stirring to get the final product. The bees wax facial cream. Apply the cream before you go to bed for best results.


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