Above this amount, alcohol is harmful

Alcoholic drinks: In Germany, alcohol is often referred to as a popular drug.

Alcoholic drinks: In Germany, alcohol is often referred to as a popular drug. (Source: imago images/imago)

A glass of beer or wine in the evening: Germans like to drink a lot of alcohol. Experts have redefined when it becomes a health problem.

Drinking alcohol is socially accepted in Germany . However, its effect is underestimated by many. The harmful consequences of regular consumption have long been scientifically proven.

The previous recommendations from the German Center for Addiction Issues (DHS) therefore focused on “low-risk consumption”: a maximum of 24 grams of pure alcohol per drinking day for men and 12 grams for women. That corresponds to two or one small beer.

But now the experts recommend reducing consumption further. The reason: According to new scientific findings, even small amounts of alcohol can promote illness.

Extent of consumption determines the probability of death

The new recommendation therefore reads: “Alcohol consumption should be reduced by every person, regardless of how much they drink. It is best not to consume alcohol. Alcoholic drinks pose risks when it comes to people’s physical health . “

According to the experts, various studies on cardiovascular disease and cancer show “a linear relationship between the extent of alcohol consumption and the likelihood of death. They are lowest when no alcohol is consumed.”

This applies in particular to high blood pressure-related heart diseases, cardiac arrhythmias , strokes and cancers, including those of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts, the female breast and the liver.

Even small amounts of alcohol damage the body and mind

The DHS emphasizes that there are also study results that speak against the assumption that low or moderate alcohol consumption promotes the prospect of a long life. For your physical health, it is best not to drink alcohol at all.

Alcohol is linked to more than 200 diseases. The risk of certain diseases such as liver cirrhosis , fatty liver disease , heart muscle disease, cancer , high blood pressure or concentration and memory disorders increases with regular consumption. People who are addicted to alcohol also have an increased risk of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders .Due to the amount of health risks, the DHS demands that the prices of alcoholic beverages in Germany should increase. In addition, child protection needs to be improved. The experts demand a minimum age of 18 years. Young people can currently legally buy beer and wine at the age of 16.


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