A Perfectly Fluffy Cheesecake: One Ingredient You Always Miss

A perfectly fluffy cheesecake doesn’t have any alternatives. And, in fact, there is no other cake that can take so many forms as cheesecake. Sweet or slightly sour, with a lot of additives, or minimalist, with chocolate coating, fruit mousse or coconut, or almond sprinkles, the cake beautifully accepts anything thrown at it.

While cheesecake is a necessary Christmas delicacy in many World cuisines, you can bake it anytime you want. The only problem with baking a truly yummy cheesecake is giving it the fluffiness it deserves. The dough often sags, falls apart, is dry, or too clumpy.

A Perfectly Fluffy Cheesecake

Fluffy Cheesecake: The Simple Trick

So, is there a fix out there? Yes, that’s exactly what we are going to apply to our cheesecake recipe today. The trick is a simple discovery by Robert Makłowicz from Gotowanie.

The hack is as simple as adding potatoes to the mix. Yes, it’s not a joke. The addition of mashed potatoes will take care of the fluffiness you want in your cake.

Besides ensuring your cake’s fluffiness, starchy potatoes will give additional flavor to it. One way potatoes do this is, by maintaining adequate moisture in the dough.

A Perfectly Fluffy Cheesecake: The Recipe

Now that we know how to make sure our cheesecake turns out fluffy every time. Let’s make one with the simple recipe we have.

[tasty-recipe id=”13245″]

A Perfectly Fluffy Cheesecake The One Ingredient You Always Miss 2


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