A Mouth-watering Mousse Cake Recipe, Feast for Your Buds

Forget expensive desserts and learn how to make this mousse cake at home. A simple recipe to produce a mouth-watering cake.

Are you a fan of gelatinous cake that can only be eaten with a spoon? If you are, you must try this mousse cake recipe, which once prepared, will intimidate all the other deserts on your table.

Another great thing about this recipe is, that it doesn’t need a great deal of time to prepare. Just collect a handful of ingredients from around your kitchen, follow a few simple instructions and boom! your delicious mousse cake is ready to serve your hungry taste buds.


A Mouth-watering Mousse Cake Recipe, Feast for Your Buds

A super tasty mousse cake recipe that is easy to make.

  • Author: Allison
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 12 hours
  • Yield: 5 1x
  • Category: desserts


100 g of black chocolate
15 g Cocoa Powder
2 tablespoons hot water
250 ml milk
200 mlb(42%) heavy cream
30 g sugar
50 g of condensed milk
8 g melted gelatin powder
40 ml water


Step 1: Grate the chocolate with a knife, put it in a bowl.

Step 2: Put the cocoa in another larger bowl, add two tablespoons of hot water and mix well with a whisk.

Step 3: Put the milk over medium heat and the cream and sugar. Stir continuously just under boiling. Then add the pre-mixed cocoa, grated chocolate, melted gelatin powder, and continue stirring.

Step 4: Filter the mixture in a colander before placing it in a deep vase.

Step 5: Now, take a large dish, add cold water and ice cubes. Place the mixture inside and continue stirring until it gets cold and becomes more viscous.

Step 6: As a final step, place a paper sheet or a newspaper over a toyo type modl and pour the mixture into it, place in the fridge for a full overnight.

Get up in the morning and your amazing mousse cake is ready to serve. Flip the cake onto a flat dish or plate, sprinkle a layer of coca over it and serve.

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