7 Human Habits Dogs Don’t Understand At All: What Are They?

Domestic quadrupeds show extraordinary flexibility and will find themselves in almost all conditions. However, centuries of living together have not yet made us understand each other quite well. Our canine friends still struggle to understand certain things we do. And seems like they will continue to wonder why we do what we do.

At Chlorine, we have compiled a list of 7 human habits that dogs find strange, unnecessary, and sometimes offensive.

1. Why We Leave Them Alone Sometimes?

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Dogs are highly social and contacts are important to them. Domestic pets love the company of people, other dogs, playing together, walking, and even doing nothing together. Our company gives them a sense of security and makes them happy.

We as pet keepers, however, expect that our dog will do just fine and endure loneliness. We think they should be fine alone at home. Dogs will naturally protest against this and would like to keep the company.

One reason why domestic quadrupeds suffer from separation anxiety so often. They just don’t understand what’s going on!

2. Why We Rely Heavily on Our Eyesight?

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For a pooch living in the world of smells and sounds, the sight of a man looking at a shining screen for hours is an incomprehensible phenomenon. It is not in the nature of pets to sit still and stare at one point for hours.

In order to collect information about their surroundings, these animals must move around, sniff individual points one by one. Even it’s hard for them to understand why someone would sit on a park bench for hours.

3. Dogs Don’t Understand Why We Look and Smell Differently?

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The appearance of our pets doesn’t change much on a daily basis. At most, we will put on a harness or collar or occasionally take them to a groomer.

However, it is completely different with people. Various shoes, hats, voluminous coats, and skimpy swimming trunks, we just get all sorts of appearances on a good day. We also smell different with perfumes, shampoos, soaps, and washing powders.  As an animal that heavily depends on smell and appearance, these changes can easily confuse the dog.

4. They Don’t Understand We Like Cuddling

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In the world of dogs, close physical contact that deprives freedom of movement is associated with fighting, copulation, or playful scuffles. Too many hugs are therefore unpleasant to dogs and even dangerous to our own safety.

Dogs do not understand that such closeness is something completely different to us and that cuddling is a sign of trust and sympathy.  The reason why dogs move away, yawn, and snatch when we try to hug them!

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5. Why We Don’t Accept Eating Scrap?

Domestic quadrupeds will take advantage of every opportunity to eat something. Bread lying in the bushes, the rest of a sandwich on a plate, or a soup spilled on the floor, all is just as fit for a dog to eat as crisps in a bowl.

They don’t understand that some tasty morsels can harm them, and the seemingly abandoned sausage lying on the table must not be enjoyed.

6. Dogs Don’t Understand Why We Share Space

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In nature, dog families have a fixed composition and move around a certain territory. They also avoid meetings with other groups of quadrupeds. Sometimes they even fight to secure their territory and other resources.

Couriers, plumbers, chimney sweepers, that delivery guy_we let all sorts of people in. And that’s something dogs won’t understand.

7. Why We Do Nasty Things to Them?

Pets often have a huge problem with understanding human intentions. Rummaging in the ears, putting on a post-operative collar, holding the paws until the claws are cut, taking to the vet, looking at the teeth. All these activities are incomprehensible, unnecessary, and often even harmful from the dog’s perspective_If only they knew that we are doing all this for their good.


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