6 Great Style Tips to Steal a Party, Shine & Glitter to Win a Show

Shimmering, glittering, and shiny pieces of attire are outstanding for any evening party.  But you need to do it the right way.  Wear your adequate shimmer with these style tips and the world will be at your feet. Just let it lie there by the impression, not by the amount of sequin. You can shine in a more subtle way instead.

In a previous post about hairstyle hacks, we talked about how your hairstyle is defined by your face shape. Today’s post is all about your next party dress. And you definitely are going to wear shiny.

Below are 6 simple style tips from our personal stylist Kathy for those who want to wear shiny for the next party, and, in fact, want to steal it.

1. Keep the Shining Dress at Minimal

If you choose a dress that shines all over the place – don’t burden it even more. Show your naked back, reveal your legs, give up jewelry. The dress alone is enough. No frills.

2. Look For the Color in Shiny Tights

If you are already revealing a piece of your body, reveal only one. Present what you like the most about yourself in this glossy frame. But remember – shiny, flesh-colored tights are a crime against the classroom. I don’t know who allowed them to be sold.

3. Delicate, Gentle, and Minimalistic

Shiny clothes don’t have to feel like armor. Those made of delicate fabrics will work better. A pleated, shimmering skirt will be both star-studded and feminine.

4. Sequin Mini & High Heels, Big NO!

Crazy sequin mini? Do not wear high heels on it. Sneakers come out better! You will not feel overdressed and you will dance the night away.

5. Not Everything That Glitters is Gold

The rule is simple if the clothes sparkle, make-up should not. Natural shadows, a little pink, and neutral lipstick are enough.  You definitely don’t want the theatrical effect, right?

6. Excess of Everything is Bad

One shiny element is enough. Wear a faded t-shirt from your favorite team over your silver pants. Glamor-style high heels will look great against the background of regular jeans.

Shine like a diamond, Rhianna would sing to you, and it’s hard to disagree with her. Let yourself shine. Who knows, maybe you will like it so much that you will be the star not only for this one evening.


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