5 Proven Ways to Clean & Disinfect Your Sofas

No matter how hard you try to keep your neat and clean, they will still get their share of stains. After laying, eating and drinking on them, what else could we expect other than some stubborn stains? For our moms, sofas are a battlefield and stains are a force they need to reckon with.

My mom is obsessed with cleaning. She gets upset immediately when she sees stains. So, I am sharing with all my beautiful readers some tips and techniques that my mom uses to keep the sofas clean.


Vaccum For the Larger Particles

Before you go for deep cleaning your couches, first you need to vacuum up all the larger particles from the surface of your sofas. Cleaning up the debris will make the deep cleaning of your couches easy for you. Don’t forget to vacuum your cushions as well. After cleaning up the cushions, remove them from there, put them aside and vacuum the base of your couch properly. Make sure to do it effectively and don’t miss any portion of the sofa.

Find the Manufacturer’s Care Tag

Before you proceed with deep cleaning, you need to locate the manufacturer’s care tag on your couch. Depending upon the type of fabric and stain, it’ll guide you on how to clean it up. Check the underside of your couch, care tags are usually located there. Care tags have a cleaning code where the type of stain, fabric, and cleaning methods are given.
If your cleaning code has a “W”, it means you use water to clean it. It is highly recommended to follow the instructions according to the code. Otherwise, it may damage the upholstery. Usually, a “W” code couch where you can use water-based solutions to remove stains is common and easy to clean.
If your couch has a cleaning code “X” then you can’t go for water-based techniques, as they are more delicate. For such couches, simply vacuuming the material is enough. But if you think stains are still there and you are not satisfied with the results then you should contact a professional cleaner (upholstery cleaner). This cleaning code is not common, so you need to tackle the stains carefully.


Use a Vinegar Spray

This is a natural way to sanitize your couches. Vinegar has disinfectant properties and above all, it’s natural and easily available. Vinegar is considered effective for cleaning because of its acidic nature. Take an empty bottle to store the solution. Make a mixture of half vinegar and half water. Fill the bottle with the mixture and start to spray it on the stains. Give some time to let it completely dry. Now your sofa is all clean and ready to use. This is my mom’s favorite technique when it comes to cleaning. Once we had a birthday party at our home and my nephew mistakenly spilled a drink on one of the couches. As soon as the guests went back home, my mom immediately made this solution. The next day when the couch was completely dry, the stains were gone.

clean stains from sofas

Make a Dish Soap-Water Solution

Another way to clean the stubborn stains is to make a soap-water solution. Take a bucket and add a few drops of dish soap in it. Then, add water from the tap to make a solution. Now, mix it and it is ready to use. Take a piece of cloth and dip it in the solution that you have prepared. Start to blot at the stained area until the stains disappear. Then use a fresh cloth, dip it in plain water and blot it in the same area to remove the soap solution. Do it gently otherwise this could damage the upholstery of your couch.


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