5 Primers That Actually Make Your Makeup Stay All Day Long

Besides giving your skin some extra shine and making the makeup look even and smoother, one important role of the primer is to make the makeup stay longer. Whether you wear full-face of makeup or keep it rather simple with eyeshadow and tinted lip balm, the primer rolls in anyway.

When it comes to a primer, you need to catch the one that is actually true to the list of promises written on its belly. in my case, It took me tens of primers and tons of money to get there. And to be honest I can’t say it was the reward for my hard work.. to some extent maybe.

One lucky sunny day, I received a gift pack from my long-time friend and neighbor Sofia. Opened it and boom!! Inside was the primer that stays with me to this day.

In this Chlorine listicle, I have compiled the list of top five primers you should get your hands on, especially if you are someone who often wears makeup or has oily skin like me.

So, let’s check these amazing five!

#1 Thank Me Later Eye-shadow Primer | $ 13.06

best eye primer

I have tried all types of primers starting from low end to high. To be honest, none of them made me write back a word of appreciation! Mac, Lorac, Urban Decay.. none of them.

I have a very oily skin and I had to get it done up to six times a day. Until.. luckily I got this Thank Me Later as a gift. This was life-changing, it would quite easily last for over eight hours..boom!! Stress-free makeup that lasts all day long.

#3 TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer | $ 13.90

best makeup primer long lasting

Let PoreBlem take care of pores and fine lines. Comes with a pump to dispense in a thin layer across your face. 

In addition to ensuring a long-lasting makeup_the thing we are focussing on in this listicle, PoreBlem conceals pores and lines to give you a smooth and even skin. Infused with soluble collagen to help with skin moisture level and elasticity.


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