5 Must Follow Deep Cleanse Tips Shared by Expert DIYer

We usually think that we are ”clean people”. And in fact we mostly are, but there are parts of our home we usually neglect. Cleaning those neglected sections may simply need some genius tricks for a full deep cleanse. It’s simply not needed to call for a cleaning squad. You can do this yourself and with ease.

With these simple hacks, you have no excuse but to clean all those cracks and slits.

1) Deep Clean Vent Covers
No need to hang up against the wall and rub the poor vents. Just bring them down, clean with a cloth and put them in your dish washer. Run the dish washer with simple water. Pull them out, boom, they are deep cleaned. Put them back and enjoy.

2) Toilet Siphons

A toilet with dirty siphon is never a clean toilet. To deep clean your toilet, pour vinegar all over. Let it sit overnight. Flush in the morning. The ruthless vinegar will completely flush away the dirt.

3) Yellowed Pillows

Pillows have a bad habit of turning yellow after a while. There is simple fix to bring them back to their full-bright past. Put them in the washing machine. Bring the machine to hot cycle. Wash them with a mix of bleach and normal detergent. You may add couple of tennis balls make sure the pillows don’t loose shape.

4) Clean that dirty Porcelain Sink

Put some baking soda on a sponge and scrub the sink. Alternatively put baking soda all over your skin and scrub with a clean sponge. Put hydrogen peroxide all over and let it sit for half an hour. Rinse clean for glowing sink.

5) Those stubborn Area Rugs

Place your rugs on a flat surface and spray with water using a hose. Put normal detergent all over and let them sit in the Sun for 20 minutes. Hose them again. Squeeze the retained water for a perfect cleanse.


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