2021 Trending Clothing & Apparel to Make You Look Slimmer

Before we get on the “miracle” diet, we will stop eating after 10 pm and mobilize ourselves to regular visits to the gym – let’s check how effectively slimming clothes can hide unwanted rollers, a second chin, or a protruding belly.

No, there will be no earthquake, turbulence, or volcanic eruption – stripes, a V-neck, airy cut, and the right choice of colors are enough to look at your figure in a completely new light. Proper styling consisting of simple things will make us want to stay in front of the mirror for a longer time.

Time to start express slimming! Chlorine has outlined these 7 hacks to look slimmer in your favorite clothing and apparel. Also, check for the top fashion items we have recommended in each item type.

#1 Elegantly Designed Belted Dresses Are a First Choice

Umeko Summer New Women Fashion Lace Patchwork Maxi Dress with Belt Short Sleeve Knee Pure Solid.jpg 640x6401

Women who want to hide this and that should have in their wardrobe slimming dresses with an envelope-cut, as well as models cut under the bust and freely widening downwards, of the Empire type. 

Asymmetrical dresses that reveal one shoulder are also welcome. The main thing is that they are not too tight or too loose - this will only add unwanted pounds. 

However, in addition to the cut, the material also plays an important role - it should be light, emphasizing the fleeting and romantic character.

#2 High Waist Stretch Skinny Denim Jeans Can Make A Difference


Even a slim woman in a model figure can look sluggish when dressed in wide, shapeless, and loose clothes from head to toe. That is why emphasizing your body in its thinnest parts is extremely important in creating styling. 

Sometimes it is enough to reveal slim ankles in 7/8 pants, other times it is enough to reveal the arm nonchalantly. However, the most influential element in this matter is the belt, which cuts the silhouette at the waist, creates beautiful proportions, and accentuates femininity - both in size 36 and 42. You will get an even better effect by choosing high-waisted fabric trousers.

#4 Striped Shirts Greatly Enhances Slenderness

Fashion striped dress large size summer dress loose simple sleeveless dress women s clothing

A hit of recent seasons and a timeless classic that should hang in the wardrobe of Mrs. XS and XL. We are talking about striped shirts, which with a few buttons unbuttoned phenomenally slenderize the figure. 

Shirts with a slightly scaled structure and covered with vertical stripes or diagonal stripes have a particular slimming power. The loose and nonchalantly rolled up sleeve covers the massive shoulders, and the characteristic "semicircular" finish will cover the bottom and hips.

#6 Make a Combination of Black and White

greenpoint sweter o prostym kroju z blyszczaca nitka

Only a small group of women can boast of perfect proportions. Ladies whose upper and lower body slightly differ in size should use the power of white, black, and patterns. 

If we want to distract from broad hips - we should frame the bottom with a dark and uniform color. Leave the top bright or even patterned - this trick will easily transfer attention to the shoulders, cleavage, and bust. 

The same rule applies to women with a silhouette of an inverted triangle or a rose, who want to add a little volume at the bottom and even out the proportions - the smooth, darker, and neutral color of the blouse and a patterned skirt or light pants are in motion. 

Let's remember - the claim that blackness from head to toe makes you slimmer is a stereotype that will only add years and sadness.


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