20 Powerful Mother-Daughter Relationship Movies to Watch

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is, in fact, one of the most powerful bonds that exist in the world. This sacred relationship often demands sacrifices. While it’s the mother who is known for making all the sacrifices, the relationship is often more complex than that.

At ListPink, we had compiled a great list of romance and love movies, today, we are counting down on 20 of the best mother-daughter relationship movies ever made. These films, from different time eras and countries, were a delight to watch.

Since a mother-daughter relationship is a very special one, we have made a list of the best mother-daughter duo movies that will absolutely make you smile, laugh, cry and, above all, inspire.

1. Little Women | 2019 | 7.8 IMDB

mother daughter relationship movies little women

Starring Winona Ryder, “Little Women” is a classic that follows the lives of four sisters as they grow up and go their separate ways. They do, however, return to their home from time to time to see their mother, played by Susan Sarandon, who always has something witty to say.

The movie is a must-see for every mother and daughter, simply because it shows a true depiction of a mother-daughter relationship.

Where to watch: Hulu | Watch Trailer

2. Steel Magnolias | 1989 | 7.0 IMDB

best mother daughter duo movies

The movie is about the friendship between Viola and Shelby as they face the joys and sorrows of life, family, and true love.

The movie is directed by Herbert Ross and written by Robert Harling. It stars Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, and Julia Roberts. It is the first and only (so far) and the best and highest-grossing film directed by Herbert Ross.

Where to watch: Hulu | Watch Trailer

3. The Joy Luck Club | 1993 | 7.7 IMDB

The Joy Luck Club full movie

The Joy Luck Club tackles the cultural clash between Chinese mothers and their American daughters. The film follows a group of four Chinese women and their American-born daughters as they come together over a Mahjong game.

Starring Ming-Na Wen, Tamlyn Tomita, and Rosalind Chao, the movie is a touching tale that depicts the strength of a mother-daughter relationship.

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4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding | 2002 | 6.6 IMDB

my big fat greek wedding where to watch

Nia Vardalos wrote and starred in this movie, and she stays close to her roots as she narrates the story of Toula and Ian, a young couple who begin their lives together as newlyweds. While Toula’s family isn’t very supportive of her marriage, Ian’s family is happy to welcome her into the fold.

This movie is a classic for any mother-daughter duo.

Where to watch: HBO Max, Youtube | Watch Trailer

5. The Good Lie | 2014 | 7.4 IMDB

The Good Lie movie where to watch

Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Baker star in this movie, which focuses on a group of Sudanese refugees as they leave their war-torn country and settle into their new lives in America. Baker plays a young girl who is forced to leave behind her mother and younger brother and is sent to live with Witherspoon, a woman who ends up helping the refugees adjust to their new lives.

The movie is a tearjerker, but it’s worth watching for the story and the great performances.

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6. Thirteen | 2013 | 7.4 IMDB

thirteen best mother daughter duo movie

Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed, “Thirteen” tells the story of a young girl who moves from the country to the suburbs. There she meets a group of social-climbing girls, who introduce her to alcohol and drugs.

This movie shows the consequences of being a teenage girl and how it can change a person. It also shows parents being clueless and not understanding their daughter’s actions.

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7. August: Osage County | 2013 | 5.8 IMDB

August Osage County where to watch

The story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose lives have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Oklahoma house they grew up in, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them.

A story of a family torn apart by alcoholism and a daughter trying to keep her family together, a touching movie for a mother and daughter moment.

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8. Mamma Mia! | 2008 | 7.1 IMDB

mama mia watch full movie

On a sunny Greek island, a mother-to-be finds out that her daughter’s biological father is one of the three men she met in her life. She invites all of them to the wedding.

The movie has a beautiful storyline. Watch it if you are looking for a mother-daughter duo movie.

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9. The Help | 2011 | 8 IMDB

the help watch full movie

Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, and Emma Stone star in this movie, which focuses on the relationship between a mother and her daughters. It’s set in the 1960s when racial tensions are still high. The movie follows Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, who is writing a book about the black women who work as maids for white women in Mississippi.

The movie is a must-watch for any mother-daughter duo that has strong women in their lives.

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10. The Best of Me | 2014 | 6.7 IMDB

mother daughter duo movies

This movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel and follows two former high school sweethearts as they reconnect after many years apart.

It’s a powerful love story, but it also focuses on the relationships between the characters, which mainly include relationships between mothers and their daughters.

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11. Terms of Endearment | 1983 | 7.4 IMDB

Terms of Endearment movie where to watch

Have a box of tissues on hand if you decide to screen “Terms of Endearment.” The film, which stars Shirley MacLaine, follows Aurora and Emma, a mother-daughter duo that, despite fighting constantly, are very close. As each woman moves through life, love, and relationships, their bond remains constant until the very end.

It won five Oscars, including best picture, best director, best actress, and best supporting actor.

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12. Freaky Friday | 2003 | 6.2 IMDB

best mother daughter relatioship movies freeky friday

Released in 2003, “Freaky Friday” stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as mother and daughter, respectively. They switch bodies and deal with the crazy situations that arise. While at first, they hate each other, they come to realize that they aren’t so different after all.

The movie won three People’s Choice Awards and was nominated for four more.

Available on: Disney+, Vudu | Watch Trailer

13. Mermaids | 1990 | 6.7 IMDB

great mother daughter duo films to watch

An attorney’s wife makes a mistake that results in a teenage girl being sent to a group home. The attorney and the girl’s mother feel responsible and team up to get the girl back.

The movie beautifully depicts the relationship between a mother and daughter and the sacrifices she makes for our children.

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14. The Parent Trap | 1998 | 6.6 IMDB

where to watch the parent trap

In this 1998 Disney remake of the 1961 film, Lindsay Lohan plays twins whose parents get a divorce. They don’t know about it until they meet, accidentally, at a summer camp. The twins reunite their parents in a plan to get them back together.

The movie won a Parent’s Choice Award, a Young Artist Award, and a Kids’ Choice Award.

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15. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood | 2002 | 6.7 IMDB

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood watch online

The Ya Ya Sisterhood is a clan of Louisiana women who’ve been getting together for 60 years to celebrate and support each other and to help out friends and family.

The movie shows the strength and power of a mother’s love and friendship and their ability to change the world. Written by an 80-year-old woman, this is a delightful movie that makes you smile, laugh, and cry.

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16. Fried Green Tomatoes | 1991 | 7.7 IMDB

where to watch Fried Green Tomatoes

In this 1991 drama, Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy play Evelyn and Idgie, a mother and daughter who, even though they live in a small town, have a bond that can’t be broken. The pair make friends with an older woman who tells them the story of a murder that happened many years ago in town.

The movie won a People’s Choice Award for favorite drama and a Young Artist Award for best young actress in a feature film.

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17. Postcards from the Edge | 1990 | 6.8 IMDB

postcards from the edge full movie online

The movie is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Carrie Fisher. Actress Meryl Streep plays Suzanne Vale, a famous actress, who is married to a much older, successful writer.

Her mother is in the hospital, recovering from a nervous breakdown. She needs her daughter to help her write a book, but Suzanne is in no condition to be of any help.

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18. Akeelah and the Bee | 2006 | 6.7 IMDB

Akeelah and the Bee where to watch

Akeelah Anderson has always felt that her mother hasn’t taken enough interest in her life. Her mother feels that she has to work hard to provide for the family.

When Akeelah’s teacher announces a citywide spelling bee, Akeelah’s mother finally begins to take notice. Akeelah’s mother finally becomes interested in Akeelah’s spelling abilities and begins to take an interest in her.

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19. Soul Food | 1997 | 6.2 IMDB

mother daughter emotional movies

This is a story about the Washington family that lives in Chicago. The mother, Emma Washington, is a strong woman, who did everything she could to keep her family together.

But when her husband dies, her grown sons and daughters come back to help her. They discover things about themselves and each other that help them to heal and to move on.

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20. Rachel Getting Married | 2008 | 6.9 IMDB

rachel getting married where to watch

Rachel, a young woman struggling to deal with life after a stint in rehab, returns home to celebrate her sister’s wedding, bringing with her a new boyfriend and a history of erratic behavior.

A mother’s love and support for her daughter can be incredibly difficult to maintain, but this movie shows that it is still possible.

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These were our favorite mother-daughter duo movies of all time. What other movies about this relationship have you watched and loved? Let us know in the comments.


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