20 Ice Cube Tray Hacks That Aren’t Just for Summer

Herb Butter Bombs

Looking to make dinner delicious but also ten-times easier? Who isn’t, honestly. Well, this ice cube tray hack is exactly what every home chef needs.
Pull out your ice cube tray and chop up any herbs of your choice; we love using thyme or rosemary for this hack. Put the chopped up pieces into your empty ice cube tray.

Next, melt some butter. Pour the butter into the trays over the herbs and finish with some olive oil in each hole. Then pop the whole thing into the freezer to harden.

When you pop out the cubes and throw them into your frying pan pre-meal, you’ll get herbs, butter, and olive oil cooking up all in one go! Throw your ingredients into the pan — they’ll cook up faster and more flavorful than usual.


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