10 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoos: Colored, Black and White, 3D

Butterfly tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs. They are a beautiful addition for women and men alike.  These cute animal tattoos are also filled with meanings. A butterfly, for instance, is a sign of transformation and change; a metamorphosis from one form to another. It can also symbolize freedom, delicacy, and the connection to family and nature.

Butterfly tattoos fit particularly well on women as they display delicacy, beauty, innocence, and feminine energy. “A butterfly tattoo on the lower back is a sign of feminine energy in its purest form. The butterfly is a symbol of the soul. It’s a symbol of change, of growth. It’s also a symbol of the feminine spirit.” – Says Ani, a body art enthusiast.

These tattoos look gorgeous on the hip, thigh, shoulder, and on the lower back. A butterfly tattoo is also a good way to give you a little bit of a risqué feel. When choosing a butterfly tattoo, besides choosing the appropriate size,  also make sure that the butterfly’s wings are detailed. The wings should be intricate and a suitable color scheme is applied.

#2 Swallowtail Butterfly Tattoos Are a Flamboyant Representation of Beauty

The swallowtail butterfly is not just a flamboyant representation of nature's beauty, but also a symbol of change. This is the reason why these butterflies are always been a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts.

You can ink your swallowtail butterfly tattoo both in color and black and white. In both the cases, rest assured that your ink will look gorgeous.


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