11 Spiritual Tattoo Ideas: Cultural And Historial Ink to Inspire You

For many, spirituality plays a vital role in their everyday life. It, in fact, induces hope, happiness, a sense of protection, and fulfillment. Spiritual tattoos are popular among all sorts of people. The idea of body piercing itself, as many historians say, traces its origin to spirituality. 

Are you a religious person, or maybe spirituality is important for you in one way or the other. If so, you may want to select a spiritual tattoo for your next ink. Below are some of the most ancient spiritual tattoo ideas you may love for yourself.

#3 This Gorgeous Moon Tattoo With Flowers

In many ancient religions, the moon was considered the goddess of the night. The moon is the closest and largest celestial body that we can see from Earth. It influences our tides (ebb and flow) and, people still believe that it has an influence on our periods, health, and habits. The moon also represents the night, gentleness, and protection. Crescent, in fact, makes great wrist and finger tattoos.

#6 Gorgeous Mega Compass Tattoo With World Map

Compass — it shows you the right way when you're lost. The instrument is an honest guide that always leads you to your destination. This symbol of seafarers is very popular as a tattoo idea. A compass shows the cardinal points and helps you to find your way in a foreign land. Our inner compass, in a similar way, always guides us to take the right direction.

#7 And This Buddha And Mandalas Tattoo Idea

Siddhartha Gautama was the man whose teachings founded Buddhism. Buddha is his honorary title, but in Buddhism people who experience enlightenment and awakening as per his teaching are also referred to as Buddha.  Buddha achieved the purity and perfection of his spirit by his own efforts and thus achieved an unlimited development of all his potential. 

The image of the first Buddha is, therefore, a symbol for the search for one's own enlightenment and is therefore also popular as a meaningful tattoo motif.


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