11 Best Audiobook Apps For Android and iOS, We Reviewed All

Audiobooks are trendy for a couple of years now. Why? Simply because they offer a more flexible experience than their printed versions. Whether you are driving, cleaning the house, are in the dark, or going for a walk_an audiobook accompanies you almost everywhere. That being said, what are some of the best audiobook apps out there you can try?

Well, you might already have heard about Audible, one of the biggest audiobook providers. But, there are plenty of other great streaming services you may love even more.

In this Chlorine Listile, we have reviewed the 11 best audiobook apps that offer a great listening experience.

Best Audiobook Apps: Fiction, Stories & Tales

I particularly love listening to stories, tales, and folklore. So, if you share my taste, the following audiobook apps are just for you.

The books available in these apps are authored by popular storytellers. Tweak, choose, download, and enjoy!

1. Spotify: Popular Audio Streamer

spotify audiobooks read now

Operating system: iOS,  Android

Free Trial: 1 month.

Cost: First month free then € 9.99/month or € 4.99 for students

You probably know Spotify because it is one of the most popular audio streaming services. Besides music, the platform also has numerous audiobooks and radio plays that you can enjoy.

From your profile, you can easily access the editorially maintained collection of various audiobooks. Spotify also gives weekly audiobook tips and suggestions. From Kafka’s “Trial” to “Murder on installments” to Maxton Hall’s “Save You” series, Spotify offers a wide range of genres.

2. Deezer: Music & Audiobooks


Operating system: iOS,  Android

Free Trial: Unlimited with reduced features.

Cost: Deezer Premium € 9.99/month

Deezer is another well-known music streaming service that also has a great variety of audiobooks and radio plays. Audiobooks by Deezer app is specially designed for all audiobook content. Deezer offers authors such as Jo Nesbo, John Boyen, and Benedict Wells. You can download your dream audiobook and listen offline with a premium membership.

3. BookBeat: Second only to Audible

bookbeat audiobooks and music

Operating system: iOS, Android

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: €12.90/month

Probably the biggest competitor to Audible. BookBeat has an audiobook library of over 10,000 books. Genres include fantasy, science fiction, classics, romance, thrillers, and crime novels.

While most of the books are in German, English listeners can switch to AudioBeat UK.  Content is also available in Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Danish, and Suomi.

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4. LibriVox: Public Domain Audiobooks

Operating system: iOS, Android

Cost: Free with advertising

The digital audiobook library LibriVox mainly contains classics. Books include the works of Dostojewski, Mark Twain, or Jules Verne. If you are interested in classical literature, myths, fairy tales, historical novels, or plays, then LibriVox is your destination.

5. ARD Audio Library

ARD Audio Library

Operating system: Android, iOS

Free Trial: Completely Free

Cost: $0

The ARD audio library launched its services back in 2017.  The library is a joint audio portal of ARD and Deutschlandradios. They offer a large selection of radio plays and audiobooks of various genres. You will find a particularly large number of thrillers and classic literary works. Another great feature ARD offers the ability to listen both online and offline.

Non-fiction Audiobook Apps: Knowledge & Advice

Not too much into fiction? No worries, we have enlisted the best audiobook apps for non-fictional content as well. These apps offer a wide range of both radio plays and non-fiction books. They include both scientific and other educational material. So, you get the book you want!

1. Blinkist: Big Ideas in Small Packages

blinklist audiobooks app

Operating system: iOS, Android

Free trial: 7 days

Costs: $7.49/month annual subscription OR $14.99/month with no trial.

One thing I loved about Blinklist is that it summarizes the content of non-fiction books in short flashes. This enables you to acquire specialist knowledge of the book in 10 to 15 minutes.

The directory offers a wide range of books on subjects like work and career, marketing, personal development, religion, nature,  environment, technology, and more.

2. BookBeat: Non-Fiction

bookbeat audiobooks and music

Operating system: iOS, Android

Free trial: 14 days

Cost: €12.90/month

Why BookBeat appears twice on this list? Simply because it also offers a large selection of non-fiction books as well. Categories include psychology, business and occupation, natural sciences, history, politics, and more.

Apps for Children: Radio Plays, Bedtime Stories

audiobook Apps for Children Radio Plays, Bedtime Stories

Reading aloud from printed books to your child just got an upgrade. Now a mobile app can take away the burden off your shoulders.  These apps offer expert-designed audiobooks for children only.

  1. Voot Kids
  2. Audible
  3. Amazon Kindle
  4. Spotify Kids
  5. Google Play Books


Audiobook apps are no longer uncommon as there are numerous free and paid platforms on the market. The audiobook libraries differ mainly in their variety or the genres that are available.

Most audiobook apps also have a few non-fiction books in their inventory. But if you are looking exclusively for non-fictional content, there non-fiction audiobook apps as well.

All these streaming services offer a free trial period. Hence, you will be in a better position to decide on a subsequent subscription. Some apps such as Deezer, Spotify, Origo, the ARD Audiothek, and Blinkist can also be controlled by Alexa.


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