10 Amazing Uses of Pasta Water: You Will Never Throw it Again

We all love pasta, right? The average American consumes over 9.5 kilograms of pasta annually. In a consumer survey conducted by NPA, 86% of the American’s said they eat pasta at least once a week.

Well, we always knew that pasta had many health-promoting benefits. What we didn’t know, however,  was that the leftover water from pasta also had so many uses at home.

Today we will look into 10 amazing uses of pasta water. We will also talk about the method of storing the precious concoction, that otherwise would go down the drain.

10 Amazing Uses of Pasta Water

The pasta water contains valuable active ingredients like magnesium, phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, fiber, and a lot of starch. So, what are the uses of this murky water? Below are 10 amazing ways you can use pasta water around your home.

Thicken Soups With Pasta Water

pasta water uses thicken soup 1

The starchy pasta water is ideal for binding sauces and soups, but also for homemade pesto and dips. If you stir in some pasta water while cooking, they become particularly creamy and smooth.

Make sure, however, that you take care of the amount of salt you add as the water already contains some.

Bake Bread & Pizza For Added Taste

Bake Bread Pizza For Added Taste 1

The basic recipe for bread contains both water and salt as ingredients. That’s why you can simply use cooled pasta water instead of tap water. Again, add a little less salt to the mix than the amount specified in the recipe.

Pasta Water for Steaming Vegetables

Pasta Water for Steaming Vegetables

Some vegetables require gentle cooking with steam. If your vegetables are going to go with the pasta, like broccoli, you can steam them with the already boiling pasta water. No worries as this will not alter the taste of the veggies.

Clogged Drain? Pasta Water Can Help

Clogged Drain Pasta Water Can Help

You can unclog a blocked drain with hot pasta water. To do this, pour the hot water down the drain as usual and then treat the blockage directly with a plunger.

Make sure, however, that any boiling water that goes down the drain doesn’t risk distorting plastic pipes.

A Valuable Treat For Your Plants

A Valuable Treat For Your Plants

Do you have potted or bedding plants at home? Your plants will love consuming that nutritional pasta water. It is important to note that the salt content in the water is not too high, else, this will adversely affect the plants.

Soak Legumes in Pasta Water to Refine

Soak Legumes in Pasta Water to Refine

It is always a great idea to soak chickpeas, beans, and other lentils in water a few hours before cooking – preferably overnight.

Besides saving your time and energy during cooking, this also dissolves the indigestible carbohydrate stachyose, which can cause flatulence (excessive gas). Pasta water gently adds aroma to lentils at no expense.

A Ready Made Organic Cleaning Agent

A Ready Made Organic Cleaning Agent

Like potato water, pasta water also helps with crusted pans and burnt pots. Thanks to the higher amount of starch it contains, the water is effective in removing greases and oils. And, of course, you want to soak your dishes when the water is still hot.

If it’s about descaling a kettle, pasta water definitely won’t help. You can try these 4 ways instead.

Pasta Water Can Soothe Skin, Relieve Pain

Pasta Water Can Soothe Skin Relieve Pain

A warm foot bath with fresh pasta water may help against swollen feet. It also relieves pain and, thanks to the minerals it contains, makes the skin smoother. Make sure you don’t shovel your feet into the liquid when it’s still too hot. Wait for the temperature to drop below 40 degrees celsius to get a soothing dip.

Homemade Glue From Pasta Water

pasta water natural glue

Homemade adhesives do not require any chemicals and are particularly sustainable. This also applies to pasta water glue. To do this, sift 60 grams of flour into 200 milliliters of boiling pasta water. After cooling down, pour the viscous mass into screw-top jars for later use. The glue will work just great with paper, and crafts.

Great Against Moss and Weed

Great Against Moss and Weed

Facing difficulty fighting moss and weed in your garden? Pasta water seems to help. Pour your hot pasta water directly onto the affected areas. Besides burning the shoots, the starch will clog pores and literally suffocate the unwanted herbs.

If your problem is not weed but pesky slugs instead, try these methods to protect your garden from snails.

How to Store Pasta Water for Later Use?

While it is not advisable to store pasta water for an extended period of time, it can still be stored for a few days. Pour your water into air-tight jars and place them in the fridge.

Use the water within three days for cooking purposes and up to five days if you want to do anything else with it.


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